The Effective Business Meeting Simulation

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As the lead project coordinator for Pantheon Electronics, a national reseller of home and office electronics, you will oversee the daily activities of a project management group. Functioning as both a meeting coordinator and a conference chair person, you will test your skills in a broad range of situations, running the gamut from materials procurement to conflict mediation. This simulation is based on the SkillSoft series The Effective Business Meeting and includes links to the following courses: comm_06_a01_bs_enus, comm_06_a02_bs_enus, and comm_06_a03_bs_enus.

Target Audience
Business professionals who want to develop effective facilitation skills, members of boards or committees, meeting participants, executive assistants, and individuals who want to prepare themselves for a business environment.

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Lesson Objectives

The Effective Business Meeting Simulation

  • determining whether or not a meeting is needed.
  • selecting the appropriate participants for an information-reporting meeting.
  • selecting the most effective meeting time.
  • choosing the ideal location for a business meeting.
  • preparing the meeting location.
  • conducting ice-breakers.
  • employing techniques to finish the meeting on time.
  • conducting an orderly meeting.
  • avoiding groupthink.
  • conducting a problem-solving meeting.
  • managing meeting participants.
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