Delegating Effectively Simulation

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In this simulation, the learner will assume first-time management responsibilities, serving as the department lead of a marketing team for First Things First--a manufacturer of child safety products. Working closely with three key employees, the learner will progress through the various stages of delegation, moving from assignment of tasks to overcoming delegation resistance. The simulation is comprised of four scenarios; each will cover a facet of the delegation process. Based on the Effective Delegation series, this simulation has links to the following courses: mgmt_07_a01_bs_enus, mgmt_07_a02_bs_enus and mgmt_07_a03_bs_enus.

Target Audience
This simulation is for managers and business leaders who want to empower and motivate their workforce by dispensing authority to competent employees.

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Lesson Objectives

Delegating Effectively Simulation

  • overcoming stumbling blocks to delegation.
  • creating the perfect delegated task.
  • employing the proper motivating techniques.
  • establishing measures of performance in delegation.
  • developing performance standards in delegation.
  • developing the proper delegating style.
  • demonstrating the proper delegating attitudes.
  • demonstrating your commitment to delegation.
  • tapping into employee potential.
  • avoiding delegation mistakes.
  • uncovering causes for resistance to delegation.
  • demonstrating ways to overcome delegation resistance.
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