Introduction to Online Branding

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Are you thinking about moving a product into the e-marketplace; that is, sell it on the Internet? This course will provide the learner with a comprehensive overview of the effects the Internet has on marketing a particular brand. Beginning with a brief review of the basics of branding, the learner will then move on to explore how, using traditional principles, today's e-marketers are refining older paradigms to create successful, online brands. To present the full scope of online branding, the learner will examine the unique characteristics of the e-marketplace, the e-customer, and the effect technology has had on brand messages. If you are already a brand manager, you will discover a fresh perspective regarding just who should be building brands on the Web and content ideas for a Web presence. Regardless of your title, you will also examine the factors to consider when entering the global marketplace of the Web and how to evaluate the success of an online brand. The sum total will be a thorough grounding in the principles needed to gain the success your online brand deserves.

Target Audience
This course is an overview for managers, brand managers, and marketing personnel who wish to build strong brands in the e-marketplace.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Old Traditions and New Perspectives on Branding

  • identify the key benefits of online branding.
  • identify the strengths of online branding as they relate to specific examples in the e-marketplace.
  • match the characteristics of brand equity with online consumer behaviors that demonstrate each.
  • match the four goals of branding with examples of different online marketing activities that accomplish each goal.
  • evaluate an organization's online branding program to determine what activities are required to successfully meet the four goals of branding in a given scenario.
  • identify brand examples that demonstrate the four branding principles.
  • determine marketing activities that effectively apply key branding principles in the e-marketplace.
  • Branding in an Online Environment

  • recognize the benefits of using an online environment for building strong brands.
  • match the characteristics of the e-marketplace with specific online activities that illustrate each.
  • identify online branding activities that are relevant to the Internet customer.
  • match specific online technologies to the branding objectives they achieve.
  • utilize the most effective activities involving online technology to accomplish branding objectives in a given marketing scenario.
  • Online Branding for Managers

  • identify the benefits of online branding for managers.
  • determine whether a company should use the Internet as a major marketing tool in a given scenario.
  • match types of web sites to the marketing conditions that each effectively addresses.
  • identify the key considerations for marketing an online brand to a global audience.
  • identify the appropriate evaluation strategies for measuring each of the brand performance indicators.
  • utilize evaluation strategies to assess the effectiveness of online brand performance in a given scenario.
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