The Online Branding Environment

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When a new marketing medium emerges, in this case, the Internet, marketers have to adapt. No matter how marketing savvy they may have been in the use of traditional media, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, the Internet is a whole new world. In this course, marketers will be brought up to speed in the fast-paced world of online branding by a thorough examination of the e-marketplace and its customers. Learners will explore the difference between traditional brands and cyberbrands as well as discover how to use the Web's interactivity to build strong online brands. The course also examines how consumers adopt brands in the Web environment and how marketers build strong brand relationships with consumers. If online branding seems perilous to you now, with this course as a guide, you can be assured of smooth sailing and a successful transition of your brands to the online world.

Target Audience
This course is for managers, brand managers, and marketing personnel who wish to build strong brands in the e-marketplace.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Branding in the E-marketplace

  • identify the benefits of using a web environment to build a strong brand.
  • identify how the characteristics of the Internet will impact branding activities of a company.
  • select Web activities that effectively meet the criteria for creating a cyberbrand.
  • recommend improvements for creating an effective cyberbrand based upon an evaluation of a given organization's web site activities.
  • identify an organization's marketing activities that accomplish the objectives for effective web site content.
  • utilize web site content to effectively strengthen an organization's brand in a given scenario.
  • associate online marketing activities to the three levels of consumer involvement that each represents.
  • The E-customer

  • identify the benefits of knowing the characteristics of Internet customers.
  • relate online marketing activities to the consumer motivations that each best addresses.
  • match typical online consumer activities to their associated step in the new brand adoption process.
  • utilize web-based marketing activities to effectively guide the online consumer through the brand adoption process in a given scenario.
  • associate effective web site activities for building strong brand relationships with examples of each.
  • relate various consumer preferences to the particular generation of Web user they best represent.
  • determine the most effective online marketing activities for selling a brand based upon an evaluation of the target audience's gender and generation.
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