Strategies for Building an Online Brand

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When a product lands on the Internet, the brand becomes more than a mere name; it becomes an interactive brand experience. This course will provide marketers with strategies for building strong online brands by maximizing the interactive nature of the Web. The course begins by identifying key branding objectives and provides useful strategies to take offline brands into an online environment. Additionally, the course explores tactics for building and maintaining long-term online customer relationships. The use of affiliates, e-mail, and virtual communities are also examined to help marketers make full use of the Web's interactivity. Armed with this array of strategies and tactics, the marketer will be able to build a solid platform for online branding success.

Target Audience
This course is for managers, brand managers, and marketing personnel who wish to build strong brands in the e-marketplace.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

The Power of Interactive Branding

  • identify the benefits of using the Web's interactivity to build brands.
  • associate the three objectives for building a strong online brand with related online marketing activities.
  • match strategies for taking offline brands online to the marketing activities that accomplish each.
  • identify strategies that hypothetical companies can implement to encourage sales on their web sites.
  • utilize marketing activities to encourage sales on a retail web site in a given scenario.
  • Building Online Customer Relationships

  • identify the benefits of building an online relationship with your customers.
  • identify the strategies for building an online customer base.
  • use marketing activities to effectively apply the strategies for building an online customer base in a given scenario.
  • identify the strategies for building online brand loyalty.
  • recommend improvements for building brand loyalty based upon an evaluation of an organization's web site activities in a given scenario.
  • Optimizing Support Tools to Build Online Brands

  • identify the benefits of using support tools to build online brands.
  • identify marketing activities that accomplish the steps for creating a successful affiliate program.
  • match the three criteria for a successful e-mail campaign to the online marketing activities that accomplish each.
  • identify the characteristics of a successful virtual community.
  • evaluate an organization's virtual community to increase its marketing effectiveness in a given scenario.
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