Participating Effectively in a Business Meeting

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A meeting is a gathering of people to present or exchange information, plan joint activities, make decisions, or carry out actions already agreed upon. Almost every group activity or project requires a meeting, or meetings, of some sort. Knowing how to hold efficient and effective meetings can help make projects successful. In a good meeting, participants' ideas are heard, decisions are made through group discussion and with reasonable speed, and activities are focused on desired results. Good meetings help generate enthusiasm for a project, build skills for future projects, and provide participants with techniques that may benefit them in their future careers. As a chairperson, a secretary, or a group member, it is crucial to your meeting's success to know what your role is during a meeting. By knowing your duties, you can effectively assume one of these roles and help to attain success during your meetings.

Target Audience
Business professionals who want to develop effective facilitation skills, members of boards or committees, meeting participants, executive assistants, and individuals who want to prepare themselves for a business environment.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Participating Effectively in a Business Meeting

  • recognize the importance of understanding the role of the chair.
  • manage the discussion of issues, in a business meeting example.
  • recognize the techniques for managing the discussion of issues.
  • use the strategies to manage participants in a simulated business meeting.
  • match the strategies for managing people to examples.
  • effectively manage time in a simulated business meeting.
  • recognize the steps for managing time.
  • recognize the benefits of understanding the responsibilities of the secretary.
  • identify the activities that the secretary can perform prior to a meeting.
  • effectively apply the principles for taking minutes for a simulated business meeting.
  • match the principles for taking minutes to their characteristics.
  • identify the elements required to effectively prepare the minutes of a business meeting for distribution.
  • recognize the importance of understanding the role of the members.
  • identify strategies to fulfill the members' role to help keep a meeting on track.
  • identify how members should prepare for a business meeting.
  • apply effective participation guidelines during a simulated meeting.
  • identify the strategies that will help group members to actively participate in a business meeting.
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