Mentoring On-line

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Rapid changes in the way organizations look and do business have generated a new business tool: e-Mentoring. Here's an opportunity to examine the challenges and advantages of e-Mentoring and explore how to adapt communication skills to electronic media. Learn how to grow and manage e-Mentoring relationships by effectively selecting and matching e-Mentors and protégés, developing trust, using technology effectively, setting expectations, providing feedback, and addressing traditional mentoring challenges within an electronic environment.

Target Audience
Managers, supervisors, team leaders, middle managers, entry-level employees

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Mentoring On-line

  • recognize the importance of using e-Mentoring to address current business trends.
  • identify tools of e-Mentoring.
  • identify benefits of e-Mentoring.
  • identify challenges of e-Mentoring.
  • determine when to use appropriate strategies to overcome specific e-Mentoring challenges in business scenarios.
  • identify strategies to overcome challenges of e-Mentoring.
  • recognize the importance of organizing an e-Mentoring program.
  • identify techniques that can help companies prepare for e-Mentoring.
  • match tools for e-Mentoring to the needs of the company and the participants.
  • analyze a scenario to determine whether the best strategies were used for establishing e-Mentoring.
  • recognize the value of building a successful companywide e-Mentoring program.
  • select methods managers and coordinators can use to make e-Mentoring a success.
  • select steps mentors and protégés should take to make e-Mentoring work.
  • apply strategies to maintain e-Mentoring relationships in given business scenarios.
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