Advancing Your Administrative Career

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Getting a position as an administrative support professional is a great accomplishment. However, have you considered what your next move should be? This course will show you how to advance on the job by providing you with important information about having a professional image and a successful attitude. You will learn valuable leadership skills and methods for motivating others. You will gain essential problem solving skills and learn strategic guidelines for managing your career. Putting in your eight hours is one thing, but advancing your administrative career is another. You can make the most of your administrative career by searching for new challenges and opportunities to grow. This course will show you how.

Target Audience
Administrative support professionals who want to brush up on office procedures and skills, and individuals who want to prepare themselves for a business environment.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

A Successful Attitude

  • identify the benefits of having a successful attitude.
  • choose the best course of action that shows professionalism, in a given scenario.
  • apply the guidelines for big picture thinking, in a given scenario.
  • apply the guidelines to demonstrate a constructive attitude, in a given scenario.
  • Leadership Skills and Styles

  • identify the value of knowing about leadership skills and styles.
  • identify five characteristics of a successful leader.
  • match the leadership style to its description.
  • follow the rules for motivating others, in a given scenario.
  • Problem-solving Skills

  • identify the benefits of knowing how to effectively solve problems.
  • determine whether problem-solving steps were applied to a given scenario.
  • match the problem types to examples of the main barriers to their solutions.
  • match each technique for encouraging creative solutions to problems to its description.
  • Your Career Path

  • identify the value of knowing how to manage your career path.
  • determine whether the steps for managing a career were applied to a given scenario.
  • identify the guidelines for advancing in a company.
  • identify the guidelines for portraying a professional appearance.
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