Partnering with Your Boss

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You may have noticed that the traditional secretary has gone the way of the dinosaur. However, your boss may not yet have entered this new age in which administrative support professionals are working as partners with their managers and supervisors. This course will equip you to make the transition from working as a subordinate who follows orders, to partnering with your boss as an empowered and valued member of the management team. For administrative support professionals who currently work in this type of relationship with their bosses, the course contains many strategies that will make them more effective in this role.

Target Audience
Administrative support professionals and executive secretaries who wish to improve their management skills.

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Lesson Objectives

Establishing a Business Partnership with Your Boss

  • recognize the benefits of establishing a business partnership with a boss.
  • identify the essential elements to include in a partnership proposal.
  • apply techniques to propose a partnership idea to a boss, given a scenario.
  • identify the priorities of implementing a partnership plan.
  • Managing Relational Challenges

  • recognize the importance of handling relational challenges with the boss.
  • identify ways to deal with four different types of bosses.
  • choose the proper approach to use with the boss in a given scenario.
  • use principles for maintaining a professional relationship with a boss in a given scenario.
  • identify the considerations that must be made when deciding whether to confront a boss.
  • use the appropriate skills to handle confrontation with a boss, given a scenario.
  • Being Your Boss's Right Arm

  • recognize the benefits in being essential to the boss.
  • identify three strategies that allow an administrative assistant to anticipate a boss's needs.
  • identify examples of the principles for making a boss look good.
  • identify the principles for communicating information to a boss.
  • identify the strategies for maximizing your effectiveness within your organization.
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