Optimizing E-mail at Work

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In today's business world, e-mail is used to do everything from processing orders to supplying information. Because of the limitations of telephone communication when people who are very busy or sometimes in different time zones work together, e-mail use is on the rise in U.S. E-mail offers a plenitude of new opportunities for business, but understanding how to properly use it is essential in order to take advantage of these opportunities. This course will tell you what makes e-mail unique and provide you with the skills to write, send, and receive business e-mail effectively. You will learn how to best use the features that are commonly included in e-mail programs in a way that improves your communicative ability and efficiency at work.

Target Audience
Business professionals who want to brush up on e-mail techniques and skills, and individuals who want to prepare themselves for a business environment.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Writing Effective Business E-mail

  • recognize the benefit of writing effective e-mail for business purposes.
  • match the identifying phrase of a sample e-mail message with its type.
  • use the guidelines for writing an intra-office e-mail, given a scenario.
  • use the guidelines for writing an inter-office e-mail message, given a scenario.
  • identify the guidelines to follow when using special features to enhance business e-mail.
  • Managing Your E-mail

  • recognize the benefits of effective e-mail management.
  • identify methods for improving e-mail efficiency when using folders.
  • recognize the guidelines to follow when setting up filters.
  • identify guidelines of using e-mail address features to effectively manage your list of contacts.
  • Teleworking

  • recognize the benefit of teleworking.
  • identify the points to consider when using wireless e-mail in a multiple choice question.
  • identify the conditions required to benefit from telecommuting.
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