Sustaining Excellent Customer Service

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How do you separate the "green" companies from the service-oriented giants? You look at their overall service records. It's sustaining quality customer service that counts these days. The ability to sustain comes from within first. Employees who are given feedback, guidance, recognition, compensation, and praise for their customer service efforts really shine. Then these employees affect everyone around them, including the external customers. This course teaches you to promote excellent customer service behavior by reinforcing and rewarding employees for their efforts. It also provides tools for you to address extreme service recovery situations. The practical know-how that you'll gain from this course will encourage you to take your organization to customer-service giant status.

Target Audience
Front-line employees, managers, supervisors, customer service agents

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Lesson Objectives

Reinforcing Excellent Customer Service Behavior

  • recognize the benefits of reinforcing excellent customer service behavior.
  • apply the rules for reinforcing excellent customer service behavior in a given scenario.
  • predict the effect on customer service behavior when reinforcement is provided in a given scenario.
  • use the positive reinforcement process appropriately to motivate customer service employees in a given scenario.
  • Rewarding Excellent Customer Service Behavior

  • recognize the reasons for rewarding excellent customer service actions.
  • identify the guidelines for providing customer service employees with effective feedback.
  • apply motivational techniques to effectively motivate customer service employees in a given scenario.
  • match techniques for compensating employees for excellent customer service with corresponding examples.
  • Addressing Extreme Service-recovery Situations

  • recognize benefits of creating an effective service-recovery system.
  • use steps for successfully recovering a difficult customer within a role play.
  • identify factors to consider when making a decision to fire or retain a customer.
  • apply the components of a crisis-recovery plan in a given scenario.
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