Excellence in Internal Customer Service

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In today's fast-changing and highly competitive business climate, offering excellent customer service has never been so important. But what about taking a different approach? Has your organization tried looking inwardly to find the answers to offering great service? Organizations consist of an independent chain of individuals and functional units, each taking inputs from one another and turning them out into external customer service. If everyone within the organization works to provide their "internal" customers with better service, then the end customers will receive a much higher quality service in the long run. Focusing on your internal customers not only helps your organization to survive and prosper, but also has the added benefit of motivating your employees, meeting their needs, and promoting a satisfying environment to work within.

Target Audience
Managers and supervisors with responsibility for defining, implementing, or delivering excellent internal customer service or anyone who wants to improve the service they offer to their internal customers

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Lesson Objectives

Productivity and Growth through Internal Customer Service

  • recognize the benefits of encouraging your people to improve internal customer service.
  • match the internal and external driving forces behind improving internal customer service with examples of these forces.
  • help an organization to make its internal customer service more effective in a given scenario.
  • demonstrate the qualities that will meet internal customers' needs most effectively.
  • Strategies to Meet Your Internal Customers' Needs

  • recognize the value of identifying your internal customers.
  • use customer segmentation to meet your internal customers' needs.
  • apply methods for improving interdepartmental communication.
  • empower employees to offer good service to their internal customers in a given scenario.
  • Internal Customer Service: Getting the Environment Right

  • recognize the benefits of creating the right environment for service excellence.
  • use specific and personalized goals to motivate employees in a given situation.
  • match the key ways of creating the right environment for internal customer service with corresponding examples.
  • use progressive leadership activities to encourage employees to improve internal customer service.
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