Financial Risk Management

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Do you like to take risks or do you prefer to avoid them? Do you only take a risk if you know you will be compensated for it in the end? Everyone is exposed to risk at some time--it is unavoidable. Having the proper tools to deal with risk can save you money and help you avoid financial hardship. This course familiarizes you with the strategies and products used to manage corporate risk. You will gain useful experience in risk management through a series of exercises and examples aimed at teaching various options that significantly reduce exposure to risk.

Target Audience
This course is designed specifically for business managers, financial professionals, and other business professionals who have the need to understand finance and investment in corporations, and to analyze their own businesses or the performance of another company.

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Lesson Objectives

Corporate Risk

  • recognize the benefits of identifying and assessing financial risks in corporations.
  • identify the types of risk facing a corporation, given a scenario.
  • identify the most appropriate risk measurement tool for a company, given a scenario.
  • Corporate Risk Management

  • recognize the importance of implementing corporate risk management strategies and products.
  • choose the most appropriate risk management strategy, given a scenario.
  • choose the best risk management product for a given situation.
  • identify which of the four steps of the implementation and monitoring process is being used in a scenario.
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