Energizing and Empowering Employees

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Energy. Without it, the wheels and gigabytes of industry come to a screeching halt. And without energized, empowered employees, your part of global industry will make far less progress. This course introduces you to the importance of energizing and empowering employees. By doing so, you multiply the benefits to your department, team, and organization. The course begins by showing you ways to cultivate employee energy as well as the reasons why it's important. It shows you not only the need to energize and empower employees, but also how to do so. Then you'll explore the role of communication in amplifying that energizing process. You will also learn how to create a work environment that inspires excellence. Finally, you'll see how to act on that energy and reap the benefits.

Target Audience
Front-line supervisors and middle and upper management

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Lesson Objectives

Cultivating Employee Energy

  • recognize the benefits of cultivating energized employees.
  • distinguish between the good and the poor ways to energize employees.
  • choose the examples of the empowerment model for energizing people.
  • identify the key elements of an environment that energizes employees.
  • Communicating with Employees

  • recognize the importance of communication in energizing people.
  • identify the tips that help you establish empathy with others.
  • identify the ways to encourage employee suggestions.
  • identify the ingredients necessary for communicating corporate vision.
  • Inspiring Others to Excel

  • recognize the benefits of inspiring excellence in others.
  • choose the ways to build morale.
  • identify the methods that stimulate creativity in others.
  • identify the positive and the negative ways to motivate others.
  • Acting on the Energy

  • recognize the importance of capitalizing on employee energy.
  • identify the examples that illustrate the traits successful leaders model to energize employees.
  • select the effective methods of recognizing and rewarding employee contributions.
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