Management Development for Technical Professionals

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If you have ever considered moving up to a managerial position, certain personal and professional traits will be necessary when you make that move. In addition to the skills you have as a technical professional, you need to develop the skills of effective managers. This course will assist you in a self-assessment process that is essential to your efforts to become an effective manager. You will analyze the traits and skills you currently possess. Then you will determine which skills need enhancement and which skills require development. Various avenues for development will be presented ranging from on-line personality inventories to classes in the development of management skills. With this preparation, you will create an action plan to realize your development program. Next, you will create the necessary personal and professional networks within your organization to ensure a smooth, successful transition from technical professional to manager. Upon completion of this course, you will be prepared for the challenges of management. You will lead with assurance knowing that you have the personal and professional traits to be an effective manager.

Target Audience
This course is designed for technical professionals who are considering managerial positions within their organizations.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Self-assessment for the Technical Professional

  • recognize the benefits of self-assessment when preparing for a management position.
  • match behaviors of technical professionals with the personality preference category that each represents.
  • match management behaviors with the personality preference type that each best represents.
  • determine whether a manager's behavior reflects the personality preferences for effective management in a given scenario.
  • label the behaviors of technical professionals with the professional qualities that they represent.
  • associate the behaviors of managers to the management qualities that they each represent.
  • Roads to Managerial Development

  • recognize the benefits of personal and professional development when preparing for management.
  • relate the three complexity levels of interpersonal concerns to behaviors of technical professionals that best represent each.
  • examine a technical professional to determine an effective avenue for interpersonal development given his internal and external constraints.
  • associate career development strategies to the particular needs of managerial candidates that each best addresses.
  • apply strategies to demonstrate managerial competence in a given scenario.
  • Establishing Strategic Alliances

  • recognize the benefits of establishing strategic alliances within an organization.
  • match methods for establishing a positive managerial image with professional behaviors that demonstrate each.
  • apply the best strategies for developing good rapport with coworkers and management, given a scenario.
  • identify behaviors that represent the methods for avoiding career pitfalls.
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