Identifying What the Customer Wants

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Do you know what your customer wants? Traditionally, companies have assumed customer needs and expectations. Today, the more successful companies actively solicit customer input. The result? They create products the customer wants and needs. To compete successfully in today's market, you'll need to do the same. This course presents ways you can solicit your customer's voice, methods to prioritize customer requirements, and techniques to apply this knowledge to your organization.

Target Audience
managers at all levels, staff members, team leaders, supervisors

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Lesson Objectives

Defining Your Customers

  • recognize the benefits of understanding the current market.
  • identify the best practices for staying ahead of the fast-moving market.
  • identify the features, functions, and outcomes of specific products.
  • match the customer to his particular role.
  • Capturing Your Customer's Voice

  • recognize the importance of hearing and understanding the customer's voice.
  • recognize the difference between customer perceptions of product quality and customer perceptions of product features.
  • identify the best practices for capturing the voice of the customer.
  • choose the appropriate techniques to address customer complaints.
  • Asking Customers Directly

  • recognize the value of obtaining direct customer feedback.
  • identify the effective questions to ask in a face-to-face interview.
  • identify the steps to use when performing a face-to-face survey.
  • identify the best methods to use to get direct customer feedback.
  • Rating Requirements by Importance

  • recognize the importance of rating customer requirements.
  • identify the steps to use to create an affinity diagram.
  • sequence the steps of creating a tree diagram.
  • identify the most effective techniques to use when ranking customer input.
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