Understanding Processes

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An automotive department has an excellent reputation, yet it receives numerous complaints about delays in repairs. When the sequence of activities in the auto repair process is mapped out, the problem is discovered. Surprisingly, it is due to an unnecessary paper shuffle between the auto shop and front office. This course shows you how to understand different types of processes, break a process down into a sequence of activities, and then analyze the sequence for problems.

Target Audience
Managers at all levels, staff members, team leaders, supervisors

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Lesson Objectives

Defining the Process

  • recognize the importance of understanding processes within your organization.
  • match the process concepts to their definitions.
  • identify the examples of business processes.
  • differentiate between the vertical and the cross-functional processes.
  • Mapping the Process

  • recognize the benefits of mapping business processes.
  • apply the block diagramming steps to the business processes.
  • apply simple flowcharting principles to the business processes.
  • apply functional flowcharting principles to a business process.
  • Participating in the Process

  • recognize the importance of participating in a process walk-through.
  • identify the preparation steps necessary for a process observation.
  • use best practices for conducting a process walk-through in a business scenario.
  • differentiate between the occasional and the chronic process problems.
  • Analyzing the Process

  • recognize the benefits of analyzing processes to assess process effectiveness.
  • use indicators for determining process success in business scenarios.
  • identify the methods to determine process cycle time.
  • identify the steps to determine process cost.
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