Get Your Career on the Fast Track

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Everyone has seen those TV shows from the '50s. The fathers went to work, worked hard, and got ahead. These people were your role models, your guides to succeeding in business. But if that's not happening, you ask yourself, "Why not?" The world is different now. Instead of job security, you need to focus on career security. In this course, you will learn more about today's new business environment. You will learn about yourself and how to work with your strengths and weaknesses to improve your position in this new world. You will get a chance to identify your options within the new environment and will learn how to make a plan to get your career on the fast track to success.

Target Audience
Anyone who wants to advance his or her career

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Today's Business Environment

  • recognize the importance of learning new approaches to working in the new business environment.
  • identify the strategies for adding value to work.
  • select examples of the ways to work within the new loyalty framework.
  • identify examples of the ways to work from home while fast-tracking a career.
  • Know Yourself

  • recognize the benefits of identifying motivators and attributes when making career plans.
  • select the ways to use motivators to achieve goals on the fast track.
  • select examples of the ways that strengths can be applied to fast-tracking a career.
  • identify examples of the ways of dealing with weaknesses.
  • Identify Your Options

  • recognize the importance of exploring all potential career options.
  • identify the tips for successful in-house job changes.
  • identify the ways to make lateral moves within an organization to fast track the learner's career.
  • identify the examples of ways to successfully move on to a different employer.
  • Making a Promotional Plan

  • recognize the benefits of having a promotional plan.
  • select the approaches to creating and implementing an effective promotional plan.
  • identify examples of the ways to keep motivated.
  • identify examples of the elements of successfully asking for assignments.
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