Strategic Planning and Risk Management

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Understanding how to excel in a climate of risk using strategic planning is crucial in today's business environment. This course will help you analyze where your business is going and how it should get there. This will help you successfully navigate the dangers inherent in risk taking. Minimizing your risk through strategic planning is planning for your success.

Target Audience
CEOs, CFOs, COOs, presidents, vice presidents, managers, team leaders, executives, anyone interested in risk management and decision making

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Strategic Planning Primer

  • recognize the value of strategic planning.
  • choose the key reasons to have a strategic plan.
  • identify common planning problems.
  • identify the four questions to ask to simplify the information-gathering process of strategic planning.
  • Where Are We Now?

  • recognize the benefits of understanding your current corporate standing.
  • identify the types of information to be included in a description of the business for a strategic plan.
  • identify the situations that illustrate what industry information should be conveyed in strategic plans.
  • identify the competitor information to be included in a strategic plan.
  • Where Are We Going?

  • recognize the value of understanding where the company is going.
  • sequence the steps for writing a mission statement.
  • identify the concepts of goal setting.
  • identify the characteristics of objectives.
  • How Do We Get There?

  • recognize the benefits of developing strategies.
  • identify what benefits the customer wants.
  • identify the situations that demonstrate the use of broad business strategies.
  • identify the steps to developing strategic plans.
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