Effective Team-building Strategies

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For a team to succeed, its members must want to win. Specifically, each team member must place the team's goals ahead of his own goals so that the team may be victorious. Team motivation can come from a variety of sources, the most usual of which is the team leader. But what if your team leader doesn't have the necessary leadership skills? Or what if she does, but she applies them ineffectively? In this course, you'll learn tools, techniques, and tips to help you--the team member--help your team develop a "one for all, all for one" mentality. In particular, you'll explore some motivational techniques to apply from the get-go so that potential problems are averted. You'll also learn how to promote and maintain a creative and productive atmosphere. Finally, you'll practice a couple of team building exercises that you can later introduce to your team.

Target Audience
Project team members, team members, staff members, team leaders, group leaders

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Lesson Objectives

Being Proactive

  • select reasons why being proactive on a team is important.
  • analyze team member strengths to assign team responsibilities in a given situation.
  • apply the steps for clarifying expectations on a team in a business scenario.
  • analyze a given scenario to recommend improvements in choices for establishing team goals.
  • Maximizing Creativity

  • recognize the benefits of knowing how to separate the two steps of creativity and apply them effectively.
  • match the techniques for generating creative ideas with examples of those techniques.
  • use the steps for evaluating creative ideas in a given scenario.
  • Facilitating Synergy

  • recognize the benefits of having a synergistic team environment.
  • analyze a given scenario to recommend improvements in choices made for formalizing the realization of a team identity.
  • apply strategies for increasing team cohesiveness in a given situation.
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