The Path to Peace and Harmony

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A saying goes, " We will never be better as a team than we are with each other." The road to peace and harmony involves working with every team member toward mutual goals. Each team member must be involved to set the stage for success. Continuous improvement and teamwork are vital to creating a team that works and stays together. How can your team reach harmony? At the end of this course, you'll have the skills needed to set the stage for team success, get conflict out in the open, and use continuous improvement and teamwork principles.

Target Audience
Anyone working with project teams.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Setting the Stage for Success

  • recognize the value of setting the stage for success.
  • specify the steps to identify the team purpose.
  • choose the four steps to help the team manage performance.
  • specify the strategies for remaining nondefensive.
  • Opening Up to Conflict

  • recognize the importance of opening up to conflict.
  • specify the steps for recognizing conflict issues.
  • identify the behaviors that consistently produce results.
  • identify the steps in a conflict-resolution process.
  • Peace and Harmony through Learning

  • recognize the importance of the learning organization for continuous improvement.
  • identify characteristics of a learning organization.
  • identify the processes of a learning organization.
  • identify the advantages of knowledge management to teams.
  • Building a Championship Team

  • recognize the benefits of a championship team.
  • identify the parts of a good team.
  • specify the ways to build team trust.
  • identify the guidelines to building relationships.
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