Higher Purpose Listening

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Do you sometimes have difficulty using your listening skills to effectively evaluate arguments or appreciate complex ideas and emotions? This course teaches you how to listen more effectively for critical and empathic purposes to maximize your understanding.

Target Audience
Persons at all levels of an organization. It is particularly useful to those who need strong listening skills, such as managers and team members, to be effective in the workplace.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Higher Purpose Listening

  • identify the benefits of knowing how to listen critically.
  • match each factor that influences a speaker's credibility with its description.
  • recognize questions that will help you determine the truth of an inductive or deductive argument, given a scenario.
  • apply critical listening to recognize errors in reasoning, in a given listening scenario.
  • identify the benefits of being able to listen critically to emotional appeals.
  • identify common emotional appeals.
  • identify the steps for dealing with emotive words.
  • identify the benefits of using empathetic listening.
  • apply the strategies for creating a supportive climate in an empathetic listening situation.
  • apply the ground rules for empathetic listening to an empathetic listening situation.
  • identify examples of key strategies for focusing attention in an empathetic listening situation.
  • match each technique for responding to a speaker to its description.
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