The Banking Industry Overview: Version 2

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Can you imagine a world without banks? In the past, banks focused on loans and deposits, debits, and credits. Now, due to dramatic changes in the world economy, banking is a far more complex business. On a daily basis, the industry must deal with margin pressures, consolidation, and technological and marketing challenges, not to mention unforeseen financial and political crises. However, with cash and capital, banks are positioning themselves to succeed in the future, while coping with regulatory compliance, global competition, and financial and operational risk. This course provides an overview of the banking industry. First, this course provides an introduction to the banking industry's value chain, business model, and trends. Second, this course examines the business and regulatory issues and challenges facing the banking industry. Finally, this course looks at some of the successful strategies that leading banking companies are applying.

Target Audience
Consulting houses, corporations, and small-to-medium-sized enterprises that sell products or services to other sectors and industries; companies looking for knowledge and key business information about the banking industry

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

The Banking Industry Overview: Version 2

  • recognize the value of knowing about the banking industry
  • match the key events in the banking value chain to their examples
  • identify how banks generate and use income, and identify the metrics used to evaluate financial performance
  • match the sectors of the banking industry to examples of the types of services they provide
  • sequence the key players of the banking industry by size
  • match current trends in the banking industry to their examples
  • recognize the benefits of knowing the key issues and challenges facing the banking industry
  • match banking regulations to examples of their implications for the banking industry
  • match key banking risk categories to their examples
  • identify the key competitive challenges affecting the banking industry
  • identify the key marketing challenges affecting the banking industry
  • recognize the benefits of knowing successful banking strategies
  • identify the elements of an effective risk management framework
  • sequence examples of the phases of a typical compliance roadmap
  • match key banking strategies for survival and growth to the challenges they help to overcome
  • match key customer-focused strategies in banking to their examples
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