The Insurance Industry Overview: Version 2

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The insurance industry has its share of risks and opportunities. While providing risk coverage to individuals and businesses, insurers are striving hard to manage their own risks in the wake of natural and human-made disasters, financial setbacks, and governance scandals. As margins are squeezed in the face of low underwriting profitability and the cushion of investment returns begins to shrink, insurance companies are looking to sharpen their marketing efforts, cut overheads, and reduce claims leakage. They are also finding ways to optimize the use of technology to cope with the changing regulatory and competitive landscape, and capitalize on opportunities thrown open by emerging markets. This course provides insight into the insurance industry and presents a report on the state of industry affairs. It provides a broad overview of the insurance industry environment, including its key sectors and players, business model, and trends, and navigates learners through relevant regulatory and business issues and challenges. Finally, it examines strategic solutions that successful companies are employing to overcome industry challenges.

Target Audience
Consulting houses, corporations, and small-to-medium-sized enterprises that sell products or services to companies in the insurance industry; companies looking for knowledge and key business information about the insurance industry

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Lesson Objectives

The Insurance Industry Overview: Version 2

  • recognize the value of knowing the importance of the insurance industry
  • identify the types of insurance coverage associated with each industry sector
  • identify the leading global insurance industry players based on sales
  • recognize the revenue and cost flow of the insurance business model
  • identify the insurance value chain events
  • match current trends in the insurance industry to examples of their impact on the industry
  • recognize the benefits of knowing the key issues and challenges facing the insurance industry
  • recognize examples of the impact of key regulations on the insurance industry
  • recognize examples of factors that contribute to margin pressure in the insurance industry
  • identify the challenges posed by competition, marketing, and fraud in the insurance industry
  • recognize the benefits of knowing the strategies that successful insurance companies use to overcome challenges
  • identify key insurance strategies for achieving growth, profitability, and risk management
  • recognize the advantages of compliance, consolidation, and outsourcing strategies in the insurance industry
  • identify how technology is enhancing key insurance activities
  • identify how the key marketing and customer strategies are implemented in the insurance industry
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