Managing Delegation

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Do you want to increase your effectiveness as a delegator? Are you unsure of how much control and feedback you need to implement when delegating tasks? Then this course will help you achieve those goals. As you proceed through this "Managing Delegation" course in the "Effective Delegation" series, you will gain valuable insight into several areas including change management, decision making, and developing performance standards. You will also acquire skills in supervising, empowering, and providing effective feedback in a monitored situation. By participating in this course, you will become a proficient manager of a delegated environment.

Target Audience
Individuals who have the opportunity to distribute their workload; managers and business leaders who want to empower and motivate their workforce by dispensing authority to competent employees.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Managing Delegation

  • recognize the benefits of being familiar with the tasks involved in delegation.
  • identify examples of types of decisions that occur in delegation.
  • identify examples in which a given manager could effectively manage change through delegation.
  • identify criteria of effective performance measures in delegation.
  • determine the appropriate performance standards, given a scenario.
  • identify examples of the guidelines for establishing performance standards.
  • identify the benefits of understanding how to correctly manage the delegation of a task.
  • determine the type of empowerment necessary for given delegated tasks.
  • match the employee empowering modes of authority with examples.
  • choose the appropriate degree of authority to assign to a specified individual.
  • match degrees of delegated authority to examples of each.
  • identify examples of common types of mistakes made when delegating authority.
  • recognize the benefits of monitoring employees' progress as they perform delegated tasks.
  • recommend the degree of supervision required for a specified individual given a delegated task.
  • match the degrees of supervision to examples.
  • identify examples of the three steps for monitoring progress in delegation.
  • apply the guidelines to effectively provide feedback to a delegated employee, in a given scenario.
  • identify examples of the guidelines for giving effective feedback.
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