Achieving Success: the Help of a Mentor

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Perhaps you want to ask an expert in your field or organization to mentor you. Maybe a manager has offered to guide you up the organization ladder. Or perhaps you're participating in an organizationwide mentoring program. Whatever the case, you'll want to make the most of having a mentor in your corner. In "Achieving Success: the Help of a Mentor," you'll learn how a mentor can help you guide your own career. You'll explore how to build a relationship with your mentor, from setting initial expectations to using effective communication skills. You'll discover what mentors expect of you and how to fulfill those expectations with a positive attitude, positive work habits, and ethical behavior. Finally, you'll learn how to manage your relationship with your mentor to a successful conclusion.

Target Audience
Middle managers, entry-level employees

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Lesson Objectives

Achieving Success: the Help of a Mentor

  • recognize the importance of mentoring relationships.
  • identify advantages of being mentored.
  • select steps to establish a good mentoring relationship.
  • identify strategies a protégé can use to focus on career development with the help of a mentor.
  • recognize benefits of building a strong mentoring relationship.
  • select appropriate strategies to build a rapport with a mentor.
  • select strategies to communicate effectively with a mentor.
  • choose effective ways to incorporate a mentor's feedback.
  • recognize the importance of understanding the mentor's expectations.
  • identify strategies for staying positive in a mentoring relationship.
  • identify positive work habits to develop as a protégé.
  • apply methods to demonstrate ethical behavior in a given scenario.
  • recognize benefits of effectively managing the relationship with a mentor.
  • select appropriate ways to use a mentor's network.
  • use techniques to work through mentoring challenges in a given scenario.
  • identify ways to end the mentoring relationship on a positive note.
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