Making Decisions Ethically

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What is an ethical decision? Many studies show that businesspeople have an intuitive understanding of right and wrong, but that they find difficulty in explaining their judgments. This course provides the conceptual framework for discussing business ethics and the tool kit for making ethical decisions.

Target Audience
All employees who face ethical decision-making responsibility

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Lesson Objectives

Making Decisions Ethically

  • identify the benefits of recognizing and dealing with ethical dilemmas.
  • match common ethical problems to examples of their related behaviors.
  • determine the type of ethical problem inherent in a given situation.
  • apply strategies for removing obstacles to ethical decision making in a given scenario.
  • match strategies for removing obstacles to ethical decision making with examples.
  • identify benefits of using a structured process for making ethical decisions and reinforcing preferred ethical values.
  • match perspectives for making ethical decisions with examples.
  • follow the steps to arrive at an ethically defensible decision in a given situation.
  • sequence steps for making an ethically defensible decision.
  • apply strategies for reinforcing preferred values in ethical behaviors in a given scenario.
  • match strategies for reinforcing preferred ethical values with examples.
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