Problem Solving: Generating Alternatives

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When faced with any problem, it's tempting, especially in today's frenzied business atmosphere, to either take the easiest route or rely on the old tried-and-true methods. But how many times have you taken a certain action and realized afterward that you had more options than you realized? Now more than ever, today's business world is complex and multifaceted. As a positive result of that complexity, however, you can enjoy the benefits of increased opportunities in problem solving. This course is designed to equip you with numerous and productive alternative generation strategies that will enable you to draw from a pool of expanded options. By so doing, you'll better recognize and act on the best possible business choice. You'll explore ways to begin generating alternatives and get into the flow of enlarging your store of possible solutions. Using both rational and creative approaches to problem solving, you'll be sure that no good idea is left unnoticed. And even when you get stuck, when that rut becomes tiresomely deep, you'll be able to right your course by using the dynamic strategies provided here. Options and alternatives are valuable commodities to possess. Get ready to take them to the bank.

Target Audience
Executives, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and other business professionals who want to enhance their ability to solve business problems and make effective personal and organizational decisions.

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Lesson Objectives

Problem Solving: Generating Alternatives

  • recognize benefits of getting into a creative mind-set before generating alternatives for problems.
  • select attitudes for achieving an effective state of mind for the generation of alternatives.
  • select principles of productive brainstorming.
  • recognize benefits of using rational approaches to problem solving.
  • analyze business scenarios to determine if team members successfully applied the BEST model for generating alternatives for problem solving.
  • sequence the steps to the BEST model for generating alternatives for problem solving.
  • identify ways to think of a company from the customer's viewpoint.
  • recognize benefits of using creative approaches to generating alternatives.
  • analyze a business scenario for the effective use of analogies to generate alternatives.
  • apply idea nets to generate alternative solutions for a given business problem.
  • identify steps to make an effective mind-map.
  • recognize the value of using effective strategies to successfully move past roadblocks.
  • identify components of creative visualization.
  • select correct descriptions of strategies for overcoming the distress of ineffective problem solving.
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