Thinking Strategically

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As business success becomes more difficult to achieve, companies are discovering the importance of strategic thinking. Being lean and mean and process efficient is no good if you don't have the correct business strategy. But what is strategic thinking and what does it look like in the context of your business? This course is focused on discovering and using the key elements of successful strategic thinking.

Target Audience
Those in management who are engaged in or preparing for a more strategic role in their business. This includes senior executives, operation managers, consultants, and business people looking to add a more strategic edge to their business activities.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Thinking Strategically

  • recognize the importance of understanding strategic management
  • match the key elements in business strategy to their strategic steps
  • match corporate and competitive strategies to their examples
  • identify the reasons why operational effectiveness alone is insufficient for organizational success
  • match strategic positioning types to their examples
  • match the five phases in the evolution of strategy development to their examples
  • match each strategic management school of thought to its distinct characteristics
  • identify examples of the steps of strategy formulation
  • recognize the benefits of strategic thinking
  • recognize the insight-based approaches to strategic thinking
  • match the five strategic thinking competencies to their examples
  • match the competencies for transforming strategic thinking into action to their examples
  • identify examples of questions used to define a strategic position
  • identify examples of the steps used to prepare for strategic innovation
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