Solaris 9 System Administration

Target Audience
Expected Duration
Lesson Objectives
Course Number

To describe how to manage Solaris user accounts and processes and how to install and administer Solaris packages

Target Audience
System administrators of Solaris; experienced system administrators of other UNIX or Linux-based operating systems who are moving to Solaris 9

Familiarity with managing a computer system running under any variant of UNIX or Linux; experience in interacting with a Solaris operating environment as an administrator; experience in using the vi text editor

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Solaris 9 System Administration

  • explain how to log in and out of a Solaris system and how to change a login password.
  • explain how to add user accounts to a Solaris system.
  • describe the contents of the /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, and /etc/group files.
  • explain how to manage user and group accounts.
  • add and modify a user group in Solaris.
  • explain the functions of the different initialization files and how to customize the Solaris user environment.
  • perform basic process management in Solaris 9.
  • explain how to report active process statistics in Solaris.
  • kill a process in Solaris.
  • explain how to schedule jobs for automatic execution.
  • schedule jobs using the at and crontab commands.
  • describe how to display, add, and remove software packages in Solaris 9 using commands.
  • describe how to display, add, and delete software packages in Solaris 9 using GUIs.
  • add a software package using the pkgadd command and check its details.
  • discuss how to source software patches and describe their characteristics.
  • explain how to check, install, and remove patches.
  • manage patches in Solaris.
  • explain new features of the Solaris 9 print process and the Solaris tools for managing printers.
  • explain the Solaris print process and how to set up and use a printer.
  • set up a printer using the Solaris Print Manager.
  • explain how to manage printers and print services.
  • administer printers in Solaris 9.
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