Setting up a Site and Adding Content in Dreamweaver CS5

Target Audience
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Lesson Objectives
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Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is a versatile web site development application, suitable for personal and enterprise development environments. This course explores the concepts of creating a new site in Dreamweaver CS5, including configuring site properties and application preferences, adding content, and manipulating text. A look at the major interface elements of Dreamweaver CS5, including features such as Live View and workspaces, is also provided.

Target Audience
The audience is expected to be a range of in-training or established IT professionals needing to learn how to use Dreamweaver without any experience of any version of Dreamweaver. Students can be expected to have basic computing and word-processing skills, familiarity with web terminology and Internet navigation, familiarity with HTML, and experience working in a Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh environment.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Setting up a Site and Adding Content in Dreamweaver CS5

  • recognize how to set the workspace layout
  • recognize how to use Adobe Bridge together with Dreamweaver CS5
  • customize the Dreamweaver CS5 workspace
  • match the Dreamweaver CS5 interface elements with their functions
  • recognize how to create a root folder
  • recognize how to set up a local site
  • recognize how to use the Files panel
  • define a local site in a given scenario
  • customize the workspace in Dreamweaver CS5
  • access Adobe Bridge from within Dreamweaver CS5
  • create a new web page
  • recognize how to set web page preferences
  • recognize how to change page properties
  • add a tracing image to a web page
  • import Microsoft Word or Excel content
  • recognize how to clean up Word HTML
  • create a web page and add content to it
  • modify text styles using the Page Properties dialog box
  • recognize how to inspect style sheet rules
  • modify the layout of a page
  • add special characters and dates to a document
  • create a list
  • format and organize a web page in a given scenario
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