Creating Interactive Web Pages in Dreamweaver CS5

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Adding interactivity to web pages enhances the functionality and overall appeal of a site. Dreamweaver CS5 allows developers to increase web site interactivity by using forms and behaviors. The application also includes the Spry framework for Ajax, allowing Dreamweaver users with no advanced programming knowledge to quickly and easily visually design and deploy interactive interfaces, including visual transitions. This course provides an overview of form creation and customization, and form data processing. Also covered are Spry widgets and effects, and creating and editing behaviors to build such features as rollover images and jump menus.

Target Audience
The audience is expected to be a range of in-training or established IT professionals needing to learn how to use Dreamweaver without any experience of any version of Dreamweaver. Students can be expected to have basic computing and word-processing skills, familiarity with web terminology and Internet navigation, familiarity with HTML and experience working in a Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh environment.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Creating Interactive Web Pages in Dreamweaver CS5

  • create a form in Dreamweaver CS5
  • add checkboxes and radio buttons
  • add list items and menu options
  • add Submit and Reset buttons
  • configure a form to work with a CGI script
  • recognize how a CGI script works
  • add a Spry widget
  • build a form using Dreamweaver CS5
  • adding behaviors to web pages
  • recognize the functions of behaviors
  • modify a behavior
  • recognize how to swap images on a web page
  • add interactivity to a web page
  • add a jump menu to a page
  • add a Spry effect to a web page
  • add Spry widgets to a web page
  • add built-in interactive elements to a web page
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