Photoshop CS5: Getting Started

Target Audience
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Lesson Objectives
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Adobe Photoshop CS5 is one of the most popular digital imaging toolsets used by professional graphic designers, and photographers. This course explores the streamlined Photoshop CS5 interface, including Photoshop's integration with Adobe Bridge and the new Mini Bridge panel, and manipulation tools used to automatically straighten, crop, rotate, and resize images, including a feature that allows you to temporarily rotate the appearance of a photo as you are working on it. The course also explains the basics of retouching photos using red eye correction, and automatic color and tone adjustment features.

Target Audience
The audience profile is a range of Graphic Design or other business/IT professionals needing to learn the basics of using Adobe Photoshop CS5 without any experience with the specific product. Students are expected to have basic computing and word-processing skills, familiarity with some web and design terminology, and experience working in a Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh environment.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Photoshop CS5: Getting Started

  • recognize how to customize the Photoshop interface
  • recognize how to use the Tools panel
  • recognize how to open an existing image in Photoshop CS5
  • create a new image in Photoshop
  • recognize how to navigate images in Photoshop CS5
  • recognize how to save images in Photoshop CS5
  • recognize how to print images from Photoshop CS5
  • use the Photoshop interface to open and save images
  • recognize how to use auto corrections in Photoshop CS5
  • recognize how to use red-eye correction
  • recognize how to rotate an image in Photoshop CS5
  • recognize how to use the crop function in Photoshop
  • recognize how to resize an image in Photoshop
  • recognize how to undo changes in Photoshop
  • make photo corrections in Photoshop CS5
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