Assessing Digital Challenges and Risks

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With the rise in Digital, businesses are challenged to carefully consider how customer and employee data are captured, stored, and retained. Because data security risks such as data breaches and cyber threats regularly affect organizations, businesses do well to plan, manage, and mitigate against these internal and external risks. Without careful management, risks can easily get out of hand, especially in a social media environment. This can cause serious damage to a business or its brand.

In this course, you’ll learn about the risks that can affect organizations online, how, without careful management, they can grow beyond control, and ways to manage and mitigate against them.

You’ll also review the potential impacts of various risks related to Digital, such as a data breaches and cyber threats, and how proper planning can prevent them. You’ll explore how the rise in social media increases the likelihood that small events can quickly become a global issue for a company, and how issues that arise must be treated with care, using pre-defined guidelines.

In addition to these risks, you’ll examine various business challenges associated with Digital, such as lack of digital skills faced by many companies, the need for innovation, and difficulties related to an organization’s structure. Finally, you‘ll review evolving regulations around the use of Digital, and how to ensure that your approach is aligned with local market requirements.

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Lesson Objectives

Assessing Digital Challenges and Risks

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • recognize the critical consequences of a data breach for a business
  • recognize common internal and external digital security risks that businesses need to protect against
  • identify types of threats to data that businesses need to protect against
  • recognize key elements to include in a business's risk mitigation strategy
  • recognize the value of including operational requirements in a business's risk mitigation strategy
  • identify best practice processes and digital tools that businesses use to manage and respond to a live crisis
  • recognize key challenges facing businesses undergoing a digital transformation
  • identify key policies and legislation governing data protection and data privacy internationally
  • Knowledge Check: Reviewing Your Skills for Managing and Mitigating Digital Risks
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