Engaging Stakeholders (2021 Update)

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Successful project management requires strong stakeholder management skills. Stakeholder engagement requires you to identify stakeholders and establish the levels of engagement necessary for each.

In this course, you'll explore the communication methods and management and interpersonal skills necessary to meet and manage stakeholder expectations and needs. You'll learn about performing stakeholder analysis and using power-interest grids to complete a stakeholder engagement assessment matrix to provide insight into who needs to be communicated with in which circumstances.

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Lesson Objectives

Engaging Stakeholders (2021 Update)

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • recognize examples of stakeholders
  • distinguish between the tools and techniques you use for identifying stakeholders
  • distinguish between types of information included in a stakeholder register
  • determine appropriate strategies for engaging stakeholders
  • identify methods to establish stakeholder relationships and expectations
  • identify methods to collect feedback you can use for managing stakeholder engagement
  • recognize the interpersonal and team skills you can use for managing stakeholder engagement
  • recognize the tools and techniques you can use for monitoring stakeholder engagement
  • recognize effective methods for managing stakeholder expectations
  • Knowledge Check: Assessing Your Stakeholder Engagement Skills
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