Performing a Critical Path Analysis (2021 Update)

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Successful project management involves effective plan schedule management. Performing a critical path analysis is a proven way to create a strong, workable project schedule.

In this course, you'll learn about the critical path method and the use of project schedule network diagrams. You'll explore aspects of planning like total and free float, leads, lags, and forward and backward passes. Finally, you'll learn to properly sequence activities for maximum efficiency and success. 

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Lesson Objectives

Performing a Critical Path Analysis (2021 Update)

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • identify the elements of a typical project schedule
  • identify tools and techniques used to develop the schedule
  • recognize characteristics of the critical path method
  • determine start and finish dates for activities in a given network diagram
  • identify techniques used to shorten overall schedule duration
  • perform a forward pass using the critical path method
  • perform a backward pass using the critical path method
  • identify the total float of each noncritical path
  • identify the free float of each activity on a noncritical path
  • identify the critical path and its characteristics
  • recognize how to create a schedule network diagram from a table
  • Knowledge Check: Assessing Your Critical Path Analysis Skills
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