Managing the Project Scope (2021 Update)

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Efficient project management means planning carefully and controlling the project scope. Scope management requires creating the work breakdown structure (WBS), establishing baseline requirements, and validating and controlling the scope management plan.

In this course, you'll explore project scope management, including working with focus groups and facilitating workshops and group creativity sessions to gather project requirements and document them. You'll also learn about using tools like WBS dictionaries, project scope statements, and variance analysis to help avoid scope creep and keep your project on track and on schedule.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Managing the Project Scope (2021 Update)

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • define the term project scope
  • identify the tools and techniques you use to collect project requirements
  • recognize examples of good project requirements
  • recognize the tools and techniques you use to define project scope
  • distinguish between the components to include in a project scope statement
  • describe ways in which a work breakdown structure can be useful when planning and managing a project
  • recognize how to organize the layers of a work breakdown structure
  • recognize decomposition activities
  • recognize best practices for decomposing project deliverables
  • identify characteristics of verified deliverables in a WBS
  • identify the key activity for finalizing a WBS
  • recognize the role of the WBS dictionary in a project's scope baseline
  • recognize key activities performed while validating the scope
  • distinguish between Validating the Scope and Controlling Quality
  • identify the purpose of controlling the scope
  • recognize activities in the variance analysis technique
  • Knowledge Check: Reviewing Your Project Scope Management Skills
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