Integrating Project Activities and Changes (2021 Update)

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Successful project management requires a high degree of coordination, and integration management skills are required to enable a project team to handle change requests and keep projects on course from initiation and planning to successful project closure.

In this course, you'll explore techniques and strategies for the integration and coordination of all project activities and changes, including change control and configuration management. You learn about the project charter and project management plan, and techniques for directing, managing, monitoring, and controlling project work. And you'll learn about version control using change logs and control boards, and how to use work performance data to maintain a schedule baseline and bring your project in on time, even as changes inevitably occur.

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Lesson Objectives

Integrating Project Activities and Changes (2021 Update)

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • identify the role of project integration management in a project
  • recognize the relationship between the project charter and the project management plan
  • recognize the types of information that should be included in a project management plan
  • identify the tools and techniques used to direct and manage project work
  • recognize monitoring and controlling activities
  • identify the tools and techniques used to monitor and control project work
  • recognize the principles associated with updating project baselines
  • identify key principles of how to control change during a project
  • recognize configuration management activities
  • determine the outcome of a change control process, given an example
  • recognize how tools and techniques are used to close a project or project phase
  • Knowledge Check: Assessing Your Project Activity and Change Integration Skills
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