Planning and Managing Project Compliance (2021 Update)

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No project is an island. Project managers must know, understand, and reckon with the environment in which their project lives, and they must comply with it. Be it regulatory compliance, workplace safety issues, or corporate social responsibility considerations, all projects require compliance governance.

In this course, you'll explore planning and managing project compliance, including identifying compliance requirements, establishing performance metrics, assessing compliance, and taking action to correct noncompliance. You'll also learn about aspirational goals to exceed compliance standards, including project ethics, team diversity, and values. 

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Lesson Objectives

Planning and Managing Project Compliance (2021 Update)

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • identify compliance requirements for a project
  • identify the categories of compliance
  • recognize potential threats to compliance
  • identify performance metrics to support project compliance
  • identify techniques for assessing project compliance and variance
  • identify the consequences of noncompliance when managing a project
  • recognize tools and technology that can be used to ensure compliance
  • identify project ethics and the value of individual contribution and diverse teams
  • Knowledge Check: Reviewing Your Project Compliance Planning and Management Knowledge
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