Delivering Project Benefits and Value (2021 Update)

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The point of any given project is the benefit, the value, it provides. Project management requires continually keeping the payoff in mind. Whether that is increased revenue, efficiency, effectiveness, or more intangible benefits, value delivery is at the heart of any project.

In this course, you'll explore the delivery of project benefits and value, and how project success means more than providing tangible value. You'll learn about the concepts of intangible value, including engaging stakeholders, and ensuring the project deliverable is perceived to be valuable and useful. You'll also learn techniques for prioritizing requirements, gathering feedback, reducing inefficiency and waste, and increasing throughput. Finally, you'll review the concepts of organizational value and value-based management. 

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Lesson Objectives

Delivering Project Benefits and Value (2021 Update)

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • identify and estimate tangible and intangible project benefits
  • identify various techniques for calculating tangible benefits and value
  • recognize how value is tracked in traditional projects
  • recognize how value is delivered more quickly in Agile projects
  • identify Agile techniques for value delivery
  • identify metrics that can be used to assess value in Agile projects
  • recognize the importance of a shared product vision and stakeholder consensus
  • recognize the characteristics of value-based management and value drivers
  • recognize the characteristics of performance-based earned value management
  • Knowledge Check: Assessing Your Knowledge of Project Benefits and Value
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