Professional in Human Resources: HR Organization

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What is human resources – people or function? In defining this nucleus, you'll explore both – what it means to the company, its function, roles, responsibilities, and essential measurements. You'll learn how HR can be effective for the organization while providing value to its stakeholders. This course can be used in preparation for the HR Certification Institute® (HRCI®) PHR® certification exam.

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Lesson Objectives

Professional in Human Resources: HR Organization

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • describe the functions of the HR Department
  • identify the role of the HR professional
  • define corporate governance and HR's role in the process
  • differentiate between corporate and personal ethics
  • identify the role of HR for CSR and its impact on the organization
  • recommend and implement best practices to mitigate internal and external employment threats
  • define recordkeeping requirements for various HR functions
  • define the HR records retention process
  • describe the metrics HR uses to validate its overall effectiveness
  • list measures to validate business impact and provide useful information to management
  • list metrics used to measure HR’s tactical accountability
  • Knowledge Check: Defining the Value of the HR Organization
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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