Professional in Human Resources: Learning

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HR certification is the preparation for being a lifelong learner, and is the start of many more trainings HR will take – and perhaps give. Regardless of which training, understanding the mechanics and how people will receive them are equally important. In this course, you'll explore the different methodologies, embrace the process, and understand HR's role in helping to develop people.

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Lesson Objectives

Professional in Human Resources: Learning

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • distinguish between training and learning
  • recall the federal laws and regulations related to learning activities
  • identify how behaviors are acquired
  • recall the importance of adult learning theories
  • identify the strategies used to achieve training results
  • identify the different types of instructional design models
  • define the different types of training analysis
  • identify the methods to acquire training
  • identify HR's role during the implementation phase
  • define the requirements for training trainers
  • identify techniques to assess training program effectiveness
  • Knowledge Check: Creating a Training Program
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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