Data Access and Services with Microsoft Azure

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This course covers the various data storage and messaging technologies available in Microsoft's Azure cloud services, and is one of a series that prepares students for Microsoft exam 70-487.

Target Audience
Developers wanting to learn about the data storage and messaging technologies in Microsoft's Azure cloud services and those preparing for Microsoft exam 70-487.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Data Access and Services with Microsoft Azure

  • start the course
  • identify the different storage options available in Azure and how to choose between them
  • examine the Azure web portal, where to find the various components, and what's available
  • explain how Azure caching compares with traditional in-memory, in-process caching
  • explain the Azure blob storage service
  • create a new blob store in Azure
  • add new files to a blob store in Azure and work with a virtual file system
  • make Azure blobs public or private
  • use the Azure Blob REST API
  • use the Azure content delivery network (CDN) to distribute blobs
  • explain the Azure table storage service
  • retrieve, create, or delete tables stored in Azure
  • retrieve existing entities from tables stored in Azure
  • add, modify, and delete existing entities in tables stored in Azure
  • use the Azure Tables REST API
  • explain the Azure storage queue service
  • check for, create, or delete queues in Azure
  • add a new message to an existing queue in Azure
  • retrieve the next available message from a queue in Azure
  • access the next message in a queue in Azure without physically removing the message
  • explain Service Bus queues and how they compare with storage queues in Azure
  • create a namespace for Service Bus queues in Azure
  • obtain the credentials required to work with Service Bus queues in Azure
  • create a new Service Bus queue and send messages to it
  • receive messages from a Service Bus queue in Azure
  • work with Service Bus Topics and Subscriptions
  • use the Azure Service Bus REST API
  • host WCF services within Azure worker roles and configure different bindings for them
  • explain the use of the Azure Service Bus relay service by WCF services
  • implement resilient, asynchronous WCF services on Azure storage and Service Bus queues
  • use Azure's storage options
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