Writing a Business Case

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Which would you rather do: prepare a business case for your latest project or go to the dentist? Given the choice, many of us would tend to choose the latter. Whether you want to invest in product development or reinvent your business processes with new marketing channels, it is now more important than ever to have a business case that is carefully planned, written, and presented, especially when you consider that corporate investments are being subjected to increased scrutiny. Writing a good business case will help you justify resource allocation to key decision makers and secure funding for your project. Otherwise, you may be eaten alive by the competition! In this course, you will learn how to plan, write, and present a business case to persuade key decision makers in your organization that your proposal is a winning initiative. This course will show you the principles for preparing an effective business case, and it will guide you through the writing process, from defining your business need and gathering relevant information, right through to assessing the financial impact of your solution. The course will conclude with practical advice on how to concisely present your business case to connect with your audience and key decision makers.

Target Audience
Managers and experienced business professionals

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Lesson Objectives

Writing a Business Case

  • identify the benefits of writing a good business case
  • recognize the functions of a business case
  • recognize the elements of a business case
  • recognize the marketing components that should be included in a business case
  • identify the processes that will help to make a business case effective
  • recognize the importance of researching your project and aligning it with business processes
  • apply the methods used to research background information for a given business case
  • recognize what needs to be researched before writing a business case
  • determine whether a proposed project aligns with corporate strategy in a given scenario
  • identify the steps used to determine the best angle for a business case
  • address the concerns of decision makers for a business case, in a given scenario
  • recognize the importance of good writing and design
  • recognize who should be involved in writing a business case
  • analyze a business case using document-design principles
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