CompTIA Security+ 2011: Securing Applications, Virtualization, & Cloud Computing

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Web servers, web applications, virtualization, and cloud computing are becoming standard parts of corporate infrastructures. This course examines the communications standards and protocols that are used in the web server environment, along with the ways to harden web servers and web browsers. This course also examines the different types of attacks that web servers and web-based applications can face. Finally, this course looks at virtualized environments, along with cloud computing and the different types of services and challenges that each can offer. This course helps prepares the learner to write the CompTIA Security+ Certification SYO-301.

Target Audience
Individuals who have day-to-day technical information security experience who are looking to validate that knowledge. It is recommended that individuals have a minimum of 2 years experience in IT administration with a focus on security and a broad knowledge of security concerns and implementations.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

CompTIA Security+ 2011: Securing Applications, Virtualization, & Cloud Computing

  • identify the risks of web communication protocols
  • recognize how to harden web browsers
  • recognize how to harden web servers
  • identify the features of load balancers
  • identify common web application exploits
  • describe key secure programming techniques
  • recognize how to use reviews to audit web applications
  • recognize how to secure web applications and servers
  • recognize when to use various types of virtualization technologies
  • recognize the risks of virtualized environments
  • describe virtualization best practices
  • identify the security considerations for cloud computing
  • recognize the uses and security considerations for virtualization and cloud computing
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