Quality in a Support Center

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Customers who experience problems with your service represent a significant challenge to your company. If the support center is able to deal with incidents efficiently, your company can benefit enormously. Reputation and customer satisfaction can be restored and procedures can be established to recognize and prevent future incidents. This course examines the processes involved in incident management and how a support center can use them to best effect. The course introduces the concepts behind incident management, demonstrates how to deal with and close incidents correctly, and teaches how to apply Service Level Agreement terms and Quality Assurance principles. This course helps to prepare learners to work in a customer support center or help desk environment.

Target Audience
Individuals who want to develop or refresh their customer service skills

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Lesson Objectives

Quality in a Support Center

  • identify the benefits of using incident management techniques in a customer support center
  • recognize examples of when the application of incident management is necessary
  • identify ways to encourage and/or praise incident solving attempts by the customer
  • apply incident management in a given scenario
  • sequence the stages in the incident management process
  • identify the benefits of documenting the occurrence, progression, and resolution of an incident
  • apply the incident logging procedure in a given scenario
  • recognize steps in closing an incident
  • recognize the benefits offered by Service Level Agreements
  • match objectives of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with examples of appropriate statements to be included in the SLA
  • assign a suitable priority level to an incident, in a given scenario
  • identify the factors to consider when assigning priority levels to incidents
  • recognize the importance of quality assurance in improving support center employee performance
  • select the quality assurance techniques that are appropriate in a given scenario
  • identify the benefits of incident monitoring in a support center
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