Confluence: Working with Spaces

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The Confluence editor interface is where all your creative activities take place. During this course, you will explore the tools that can be used with spaces. You will begin by learning how to insert and format text, bullet points, number lists, quotes, code, emoticons, and mentions. Next, you'll learn how to add photos, images, charts, links and attach files to your pages. In addition to creating pages, learn how to use the blog on your Confluence space by publishing articles, troubleshoot and send meeting notes to your employees. Further topics explore how to import a page from Word, label your publications to make searches easier, and how to create a task report for a particular person or team. Finally, to better organize your time across multiple projects, see how to find all the tasks you have to do. Discover how to manage them, mark as complete and share a copy.

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Confluence: Working with Spaces

  • insert and format text in Confluence
  • insert lists in Confluence
  • insert quotes and code in Confluence
  • use emoticons and mentions in Confluence
  • insert files and images in Confluence
  • insert a table in Confluence
  • insert links in Confluence
  • format a paragraph in Confluence
  • write an article in Confluence
  • create a troubleshooting article in Confluence
  • create a meeting note in Confluence
  • create a file list in Confluence
  • import a page from Word into Confluence
  • perform a search in Confluence
  • use labels in Confluence
  • create a task report in Confluence
  • manage your tasks in Confluence
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