Flickr: Interacting with the Community

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The Flickr community is a great way to share your photos and view photos of others. Discover how to interact with others, including working with photo galleries, adding and following friends, using FlickrMail, and creating and using groups.

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Lesson Objectives

Flickr: Interacting with the Community

  • manage your photo activity on Flickr
  • create a Flickr photo gallery
  • favorite and comment photos on Flickr
  • use the Flickr Explore feature
  • find your friends on Flickr
  • follow someone on Flickr
  • send a Flickr invitation
  • block others on Flickr
  • use FlickrMail
  • join a group on Flickr
  • create a group on Flickr
  • add complete information about your group on Flickr
  • administer a group on Flickr
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