Google Docs: Sharing & Collaborating on Documents

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Google Docs makes it easy for others to work on a document with you at the same time. Discover how to share a document as an attachment or via a link. Learn also how to share your document with one or more team members of your organization. Google Docs allows you to configure and manage permissions for each individual.
In this course you will also see how to use the suggesting mode to track changes in a document. Other collaboration tools are also available, as comments, tasks assignments, and real-time chat to communicate with other editors.

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Lesson Objectives

Google Docs: Sharing & Collaborating on Documents

  • publish a document online
  • send a document by email
  • share a document with others and create a shareable link
  • manage users access and shareable link permissions
  • collaborate and edit a document with others
  • track changes in a document
  • manage modifications in a document
  • start a discussion with comments
  • manage comments in a document
  • assign and manage tasks in a document
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