Google Drive: Finding & Organizing Documents

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When you store and create a lot of files in your Google Drive, you may want to find them as quickly as possible. Learn the different ways to sort and view the details of your documents. Also, it is a good idea to organize your stroage area : create and manage folders to contain your files and use workspaces to be more efficient.

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Lesson Objectives

Google Drive: Finding & Organizing Documents

  • discover the key concepts in Finding & Organizing Documents in this Google Drive course
  • use the sort & filter menus
  • use the search function to find a file
  • view & open files of the same format
  • create, edit & delete a folder
  • add and remove files from folders
  • colour code & create sub folders
  • create a workspace and add files to it
  • rename, hide & delete workspaces
  • save a file received via email
  • star & create shortcuts for documents
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